Irina Agibalova accused Olga Buzova, star disease

Ирина Агибалова обвинила Ольгу Бузову в звездной болезни The former participant of “House-2” admitted that he stopped to chat with the host of employment and career success. Irina Agibalova said that some time ago she often corresponded with Olga Buzova. But now their conversation had gone.
Ирина Агибалова обвинила Ольгу Бузову в звездной болезни

Irina Agibalova gained fame after he appeared on the project “Dom-2” following daughters, Margaret and Olga. Now the woman continues to be interested in the lives of former members of the famous electroni. Live “Instagram” she told me that she communicates with one of the leading programs Ksenia Borodina. But Olga Buzova she’s hard to maintain contact. Irina considers that she is very busy with his own career and popularity, but because she has no time for old friends.

“Now to Olga Buzova not to approach, she’s a star. Earlier texted, she answered, and now there is no longer,” admitted Agibalova.

Famous “telebasura” also answered other questions that had interested her followers. Followers, it was important to find out what she thinks about musical creativity leading. However, Irina said that never heard of the execution of Buzova live, and therefore it is difficult to judge her vocal abilities. However Agibalov believes that Olga is clever.

Despite the fact that the star of “House-2” maintains warm relations with colleagues in the TV show, sometimes it fails to avoid conflicts. Not so long ago she won a lawsuit against Tatyana Africanoboi. She did not forgive the offender unpleasant words in the address, and resolved the issue by using lawyers. Now the defendant has to reimburse the legal costs and moral damages for the sum more than 120 thousand rubles. Agibalova about the scandal with Africanoboi: “She needs to be treated”

“That’s what happens in life. There are loud voices, the cries of files and threats, and in fact, nothing, because it cannot be what never was! Today was the final session of the court in my suit about protection of honor and dignity, and the verdict was fair! Expect an apology in all social networks and refutation of every spoken phrase in my address. Thanks to my attorneys for their excellent work,” said Agibalov.

Irina pointed out that in late September, the court decision enters into force, and if before that time, Tatiana served on the appeal, it would have to publicly apologize.