Tatiana Vasilieva spoke on the condition of the patient’s granddaughter

Татьяна Васильева рассказала о состоянии больной внучки The actress told fans that Mirra was hospitalized. However, according to Vasilyeva, the girl is much better so very soon their mom and planned to be discharged from the medical institution.

A few weeks ago granddaughter Tatyana Vasilyeva Mirra became seriously ill. During a vacation with his parents in Turkey, the child has a high fever. As it turned out, the baby could have been exposed to a dangerous virus Coxsackie. However, in a local hospital she did not put such diagnosis.

“The Desk clerk leaned across the counter looking at her. I immediately took out the papers from the hospital say that we have a pharyngitis was allergic. How fortunate that we still have not written a diagnosis of Coxsackie. Counsel went, and Myrrh teeth climb, and saliva is a mouth full, and from them in the heat of the treacherous irritation around the mouth went,” said mom of Myrrh.

Most of the fans of the famous family was worried about the girl’s health. As claimed Bolonkina, they successfully returned home. However, a couple of days ago it turned out that the girl and mom was in the hospital in Russia. Vasiliev said in microblogging, a child was taken to the infectious Department of medical institutions are located in the capital at mount Falcon. However, according to the artist, the doctors there were reluctant to help the myrrh.

Later, the actress was quick to reassure fans. According to forecasts, Myrrh and Maria will soon be able to return home.

“Mirra is much better. Now she and her mother is in the hospital and possibly on the days she was discharged. God bless all of you and your children! Let welcome back to your families”, – said Tatyana.

A few days ago, daughter of Philip and Mary was 10 months old. Mother Mirra left a touching congratulation baby on the personal page in a social network.

“Someday we will tell her what is good and what is bad. That there are evil people, but a good lot more. You need to be kind, to be able to forgive and to love everything that surrounds us. You need to read books and to be able to cry. You need to be generous and grateful for all that was, is and will be. In the meantime, while she needs to know that we love her, and all the rest later,” wrote sister-in-law Vasilyeva.