Ирена Понарошку пережила семейный кризис
TV presenter regularly in therapy.

Irena Ponaroshku

Photo: Instagram

Irena Ponaroshku made a statement that struck her
fans. The presenter explained why it considers important and not shameful
regular communication with the psychologist.

“Paradoxically, in our country still ashamed
refer to the psychologists! — says Irena. And don’t say it ain’t so!
Yes, all the supposedly Labkovsky listen and read simultaneously, but every time
when I’m in a Sorority utter the phrase “my therapist”, I see
mockingly arrogant lack of understanding in the eyes of his companions. They say, that the woman was a fool,
with fat rages, spending money on the same stupid, with only a psychology degree… And I want to shout to everyone and tell them what a good shrink is
better than a massage, manicure and styling! Similarly uplifting and
relieves stress, gives more long-term and cumulative effect!

First time at the psychologist I was a few years ago during another
a family crisis. I think, if not therapy, the crisis would be the last. Us
stupidly lacked the knowledge and tools to independently dig
emotional blockages in relationships… the Truth is, psychology can’t save everything
couples and families. As my psychologist: “I corpses do not reanimate”.

But it had to diverge, to divorce, with minimal losses for all participants
process is also need to be able to! And us this in schools and colleges do not teach.
So someone in the final happy marriage years suing for marital
the property, someone getting a divorce only when it has a broken arm and jaw, someone
after a divorce, seeking through social networks stolen native fathers of children!

After all, to consult a psychologist was ashamed…and where to get them, good?! It was a duck pond, right? But we somehow
we find among the hundreds of thousands of inept manicurists in the us
satisfied and the price and quality, and mood? We find those who
trust your teeth and wax your intimate areas! With psychologists the same thing! If
you caries the soul, and intimate area was the enchanted forest, the entrance to which is not
can find no good man — you need to seek professional help!
Ask friends, read recommendations and reviews online, and if found —
share with your friends! Here. Everything from me!”