Roman Leonardo DiCaprio with his young girlfriend getting serious

Роман Леонардо Ди Каприо с его юной подружкой становится все серьезнее
Actor not embarrassed that he is older than his beloved mother.

Роман Леонардо Ди Каприо с его юной подружкой становится все серьезнее

Leonardo DiCaprio


Camila Morrone


43-year-old Leonardo DiCaprio in disbelief: they can’t understand what happened to them
a friend who has been an incorrigible philanderer. Leo, since
since he broke up with Nina Agdal, changed girlfriends every month, for almost six months not to part with 20-year-old Camille Morrone!

also, usually ultra-cautious Leonardo DiCaprio, who really loves to expose
parading their personal lives, it is no longer hide his affair with Morrone. The other day, appearing from the Drugstore in
Angelini Osteria
in Los Angeles, he did not hesitate to other visitors, embraced and
kissed with beauty.

Recall, DiCaprio met with Morrone in December of last year. Before
New year Leo gave her a fun vacation at a ski resort in aspen (Colorado).
There the couple joined a friend of actor Tobey Maguire, who arrived
there with two children. The whole company was riding on mountain skiing, and in the evenings relaxed at a local restaurant. Since then, the actor almost never parted with his girlfriend. Leo and Camille flew together in
Tokyo, where he inspected the local attractions and had dinner in the restaurant, which
visitors are served by robots. They had two “frolic” in
favorite nightclub DiCaprio 10ak, and at a music festival

Curiously, Leo, who,
apparently, already “tamed” his young girlfriend does not bother
the fact that he is two times older than Camille, even mom
girls a few years younger than him! And, as I suspect buddies DiCaprio,
interest Morrone is not selfless. Although the main
the scope of activities of Kamila modeling business, she dreams of becoming a movie star. And,
now, with the help of Leo, she began to do acting career. Only
this year, she managed to star in two of the film. And in one of them — criminal
the drama “death wish” — she was entrusted the role of the daughter of the hero, played by Bruce Willis.