Ирена Понарошку обратилась с просьбой к владельцам кафе
The presenter complained about the lack of bars of soy milk.

Irena Ponaroshku appealed to the owners of the cafe

Irena Ponaroshku asked owners of coffee shops and restaurants
take pity on vegetarians and purchase in their establishments soy milk. Itself
TV presenter admits that despite the fact that for many years did not eat meat and fish
dairy products completely from your diet is not excluded, but milk in a clean
the form to use can not — especially something that is sold in stores.

“Dear owners of the Moscow coffee houses and restaurants
managers, managers, Barista, please take pity on vegan start
to make your own latte and cappuccino with soy, and even better in almond milk, —
asked Irena. — Ideally — to make it without sugar and sweeteners. In
Los Angeles almond milk in every roadside diner! And
Moscow accounts for his package to come in the coffee! And we, johnath here
no less than in LA! Plus coffee people with lactose intolerance, plus
Orthodox fasting! Here also add here girls milk
acne. Have mercy on us all! I am a vegetarian, 8 years do not eat meat, fish,
poultry and seafood. Dairy products: yogurt, cottage cheese, sour-cream — eating…
But just milk — no longer exists. I feel that is not absorbed by the stomach hard with him
understand, the intestines are rebelling and begging for mercy… Immediately increases
the amount of mucus in the nasopharynx, flourishing person… but I did
liters! I did not find the food tastes better than cereal with milk… Well, what
for white fluid, which under the guise of cow’s milk is poured into a latte and
the cappuccino is a drink I’m definitely not ready! Just leave the store milk
interest souring on the table for a few days and then look at them,
smell and try this green mucous bitterness. But on the farm near
our house we buy milk — Seraphim drink. In General about breast
products I haven’t quite decided yet. On the one hand — reducing the
level enzymes to break down milk protein in adults… on the other
hand — obvious to me the positive effects of live yogurt
probiotics — And in the Vedic texts predicted that in the Iron age
humanity is so degraded that he would consider the most blissful product — milk is unhealthy and dangerous… and to close the subject, I will summarize: so
got used to lattes and cappuccinos with almond (oatmeal, soy) milk, which is
conventional ultra-nano-sterile-pasteurized just can’t drink. And even
farm. Not good. Hard. Don’t want to.”

In an interview with the magazine “7 days” Irena said that excluding
milk from your diet, she got rid of acne. “I cut
the number of dairy products, — said Irena. My beautician said
that, according to recent studies, it is milk, not sweets and carbohydrates
the enemy of healthy skin and the main cause of acne. She’s right — I noticed the result.
But sweet in itself too limiting. The gap between meals — no more
three hours. A day drink a half liter of ordinary water, it is also important”.