Певица МакSим рассказала о своем детстве
The artist has shown his hometown.

Maksim, Andrey Bednyakov

Photo: TV Channel “Friday”

Singer Maksim became
guest of the project “the Explorer” on TV channel “Friday!” — she showed her hometown
host Andrew Bednyakova. Mack just had a fascinating tour of
Kazan streets, she showed the star of the show “heads and tails” of places associated with her childhood
and especially she loves. One of the points was a visit to the
the equestrian club, where the singer surprised Bednyakov professional ride
horse. It turned out, Maksim from a young age, loves horse riding. “Here I spent
a large part of his childhood. I love horses and even raised
a small foal, his name was Rafael”, — said Maksim.

After a horse-riding Andrew in the company of the Poor
charming ladies went to taste the dishes of national Tatar

In each edition of the program Andrey Bednyakov
comes to visit a new star to first hand learn all about the cities
whom were born and raised Russian celebrities. Vlad Lisovets, Sati Casanova, Nikolai Naumov, Ekaterina Volkova, Natalia, Arikan and many others
Bednyakova will conduct an unusual tour of their hometown. They will be acquainted with the memorable places of his
childhood, talk about the deep, interesting and unexpected.