Группа «Мираж» возвращается на сцену в легендарном составе
7days.EN will publish the official statement of the leadership team.

Group “Mirage” returned to the stage in the legendary part

“JAM” made an official announcement, stating that from 1
September 2016 the legendary group “Mirage” will be in the squad,
known in the 80s and 90s .

“In September
2016 Andrew Lityagin and Elena Stepanova gave the exclusive rights to
public performance of works to the control of the Publisher JAM says
in a statement. — Also on the basis of a contract with Andrei Lithium Publisher
JAM transferred the right to use the trademark “Mirage” on the 41 class
(organization and conducting of concerts, plays, performances,
theatrical performances, show programs). Simultaneously with this effort
Publishers JAM was put an end to years of conflicts and disputes
existed within the project. The achieved understanding was
the decision to cease the activities of the band with the singer Margarita
Shankini, but responsible style and the author’s idea and revive the band
“Mirage” in his legendary live part of the 80-90-ies.

the membership of the group “Mirage” included: Catherine Boldysheva (vocals), Alex
Gorbachov (guitar), Andrey Grishin (percussion), Sergey Krylov (keyboards
instruments). To date, only the collective has the right
execution of works from the repertoire of the group “Mirage” and the right to use
the trademark “Mirage” in live performances.

16 Sep 2016 concerts in Canada and
Germany begins world concert tour “Mirage — 30 years. Back together.
All questions on the organization of concerts of group “the Mirage” currently
deals concert Director of the team Andrey Malikov, who has previously worked
with the publishing of the JAM project “Hands Up!”, “Technology.”

At the same time
this Publisher JAM attempted to offer Margaret Suhankina
cooperation and to conclude a license agreement in order to implement
their future concert career as a solo
the performer with the right of performance of works from the repertoire of the group “Mirage”.
However, the concert Director of the singer Alex Kahn and producer Sergei Lavrov
refused to discuss the terms of the license. As it turned out, all these years
team Margarita Suhankina toured with no documents
the right to use the works and the trademark. Such actions
the use of the aforesaid rights, have signs of crimes under
the provisions of article 146, 159 criminal code (fraud) and violating several articles of the civil code. Failure
management shanking the signing of a license and work in the legal field
forcing us to take measures to suppress violations of the rights of creators and
rights to use the trademark “Mirage”.

concert organization to be extremely careful, as the organizers
events and the owners of concert venues, which are illegally used
the works and the trademark “Mirage” become complicit in violations. In
case of detection of violations, lawsuits and statements to the Prosecutor
will be filed as against the singer and her management and
against the organizers and owners of concert venues”.