Счастью Орландо Блума и Кэти Перри мешают кошки
The singer is ready to start with Orlando life together.

Счастью Орландо Блума и Кэти Перри мешают кошки

Orlando bloom and Katy Perry

Singer Katy Perry, who
Dating Orlando bloom a little more than six months, has already managed to settle
in the actor’s house in Malibu. This was announced by the Internet site eonline.com.

As it became known, Katie
I managed to transport almost all your things in the mansion bloom. And because the actor house
spacious enough, it was able to allocate to it a separate bathroom and another room under a large dressing.
Girlfriend Perry argued that although the singer is very pleased to be moving something
same overshadows her good mood. The fact that Katie doesn’t
were able to bring to the house of the boyfriend of his favorite cats. It happened because Orlando, in
unlike Katie who prefers dogs, keeps the house dogs who love
chasing “pussy”.

In the end, darling Perry
Kitty Purry and Christy were forced
to stay in her home with hired singer as “nanny”. The singer on them desperately
bored, but can’t find a solution to your problem…

However, as would Kathy loved her cats, the relationship
with the bloom still much more important. Recall that the novel, Perry and bloom
began in January of this year, during the party that followed the ceremony
award “Golden Globes”. Since then, the lovers are almost never parted.

Recently, their relationship has stood
test of strength when paparazzi caught completely Nude bloom
during their stay in Italy. Appearing in the press photos caused a scandal, and
Perry felt extremely awkward when the whole world began to discuss the merits of her boyfriend. However, it is so
Orlando loves that forgave him for his extravagant antics. But the ex-wife
Bloom — Miranda Kerr, was so outraged by his behavior that he even considered it
need to Express their point of view publicly.

Katy Perry

Photo: Instagram.com