iPhone 7: идеальная камера, которая не тонет

Apple introduced a new version of the iPhone 7 and Apple watch 2.

Every autumn in September, fans of “Apple” products waits in anticipation. About to release a new model! Than this time will surprise us manufacturers of the world’s most popular smartphones?

Wait. 7 September presentation of new Apple gadgets, and they are both surprised and upset consumers. Woman’s Day has compiled a detailed report.

IPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus

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The model is available in five aluminum cases – black-and-black onyx, silver, pink and gold. That is, there is in principle no surprises.

Technical novelties.

The main feature is the almost professional a 12-megapixel camera on the rear and front panels. Plus the fact that now your selfies will be just perfect, like pictures from vacation. Carry with you a heavy camera is not necessary.

Smartphones equipped with a 64-bit Quad-core processor, and therefore work significantly faster than their predecessors.

The minimum amount of memory now, not 19 GB and 32 GB. The maximum is 256.

Water resistant, those who shedding on IPhone coffee, every time suffered, and, wiping away her tears, went into service, can be quiet now favorite smartphone nothing happens. Even if you will get wet in the rain. And its case blocks dust.

AirPods wireless headphones. For music lovers the news is bad. The worst expectations came true – the old headphones to the new gadgets will not work without a special adapter (though it is in set included) connector port Apple changed. Manufacturers have moved to digital sound and created AirPods wireless headphones that connect through a connector to recharge the device or Bluetooth technology.

Of course, AirPods included, must pay for them, and it’s unclear how much. But the price of new smartphones starting from $ 649.

Buy a novelty in Russia will be no earlier than September 23.

Apple Watch 2

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Apple Watch 2 is now available not only in the case of aluminum and steel, but ceramics, fashion, and sports together with the brand Nike.

Technical novelties.

Water resistant: the watch can dive to a depth of 50 meters! However, it is unclear why this is necessary. Hardly anyone will want to dive into expensive hours in the pool.

Appeared GPS Navigator, that is, you are now always on the right track.

The watch comes with a app Pokemon Go for those who took pokemonmay.

The starting price is about $369.