Следователи разбираются в деле самарских живодерок Residents want to organize a lynching of Schoolgirls. Girls brutally cracked down on a kitten by throwing it against the wall. Authorities trying to figure out why kids were so cruel. Mother participating in the incident can not understand how this could happen.
Следователи разбираются в деле самарских живодерок

A few days ago in the town of Kinel, Samara region Teens taught the little girl to kill the animal and were broadcast live. 13-year-old schoolgirl threw the kitten against the wall of the house, and beside her stood her younger sister.

The video spread in the Network, caused a wide resonance. Internet users could not understand why girls showed such cruelty to the animal. In the passage, you notice that at some point under approving shouts of the older to are terrible the game itself with a five year old girl. “Hit me as hard against the wall. Umnichka mine!” – screaming Schoolgirls.

Later, the initiator of the “penalty” kitten told the followers that killed the animal, as it is not prohibited by law. After all the events in the apartment of the so-called zhivoderok came the police. Mother girls Hope opened the door. Before you delete a page on a social network, the woman explained to the people that can’t believe what happened.

“I, like everyone, shocked by this horror. You all think it’s easy for me to be at work when all just shaking from what I did my daughter? Where did such cruelty, I can not understand. Recently took a cat from a shelter. Now taking her back,” said parent zhivoderok.

Local residents reported that were later found another kitten who was attacked by the girls. The animal survived, and caring people took him to the vet. Now the baby already walks and eats well.

In social networks began to appear in commercials and posts in which girls are convicted of such abuses and demand that they be punished. Classmates 13-year-old girl who acted as the instigator of the beating of the animal, saying that she did not communicate with peers. “It has always been very talkative, unsociable, her friends especially. I don’t know how she going to talk to children, and probably even more will close in on itself”, – said a friend of hers.

Neighbors said that the mother of the two sisters involved in a brutal campaign, raising them alone.

“They rent an apartment for two years. Mother works in Samara and is only home in the evenings. Kids all day alone. The younger girl is sometimes the father comes and takes her. Dads are different. Girls always say Hello, but there is little we know about them. The family seems calm. It is unclear how this could happen,” – said one of the local residents.

A source in the regional SU TFR said that the locals threaten the girls lynching. “Investigative management of calls for humanity and the rule of law”, – stated in the message. Authorities find out information about living conditions, education, free time of children and psychological climate in their families.