Intrigue in a short film: Daya presented a new video “Under the glow of the moon” The video for Day's song of the same name became a very unusual work.

Intrigue in a short film : Deya presented a new video “Under the glow of the moon” The release took place on the night of November 16 and those who had already watched the video noted in the comments that the singer had created a kind of intriguing, atmospheric love thriller with an ironic and unexpected ending.

I must say that this young and ambitious The singer's songs are practically all about love, about different types of love: unrequited, romantic, meaningful and not so… But this song is special!

“Here love appears exciting, mystical and even, in part, provocative. This love is an incredible adventure, love is a game, love is a quest with an unpredictable outcome. And the magnificent video was shot in this spirit,” Deya shared in an interview with reporters.

The song was written by the famous creator of fashion hits Anatoly Alekseev, the director of the video was the inimitable frame master Rustam Romanov, known for his bright and stylish works for Timati, NILETTO, Nikolai Baskov, Stas Mikhailov, Dzhigan and many others.

Well, and, of course, words of gratitude from Deya flew to this talented director and his amazing team! According to Deya herself, working with them was a real discovery.

But Rustam Romanov could not help but note that he enjoyed working with the singer:

“We worked with Deya for the first time. Surprisingly, she was incredibly easy to work with! Despite her youth, she turned out to be truly purposeful, results-oriented and, at the same time, very delicate and creative. That was great! We understood each other perfectly. As a result, filming took place in just one day. I would like to wish Deya great success. I think she deserves it!”

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