Inna Zhirkova boasted a chic shape in a swimsuit

Инна Жиркова похвасталась шикарными формами в купальнике A young mother has a rest with children in Cyprus. Inna Zhirkova demonstrates the figure, and the fans be happy watching how she spends the holidays. Followers are bombarded with celebrity compliments.
Инна Жиркова похвасталась шикарными формами в купальнике

The wife of the famous football player Yuri Zhirkov Inna went to Cyprus. On vacation she took with her three children – Dima, Milan and little Dan. Now a young mother having a great time on the Turkish side of the island and shares with the fans of vivid pictures. She demonstrates figure in original swimsuit, which emphasizes the slimness of her body.

“Good morning. I send you a kiss and wish you a good day! Thank you for being with me,” wrote Inna, posting a picture where she is located imposingly in the hammock.
Инна Жиркова похвасталась шикарными формами в купальнике

The followers were thrilled from the famous designer. They did not spare compliments to praise Zhirkov. “Very beautiful girl”, “Beautiful mom in a cool swimsuit”, “Great! Cyprus is a wonderful place to stay! Well you relax!” – wished the fans to the spouse of the football player.

Six years ago, Inna has become a mother for the third time. Unlike many other famous moms, she decided that it is not necessary that whatever was chasing a chiseled figure and wear down the body workouts and strict diets. Zhirkov was glad that her husband sees her for who she is and not forced to lose weight.

Инна Жиркова похвасталась шикарными формами в купальнике

Is the celebrity enjoys spending most of the time not for themselves but for the education of children. Inna admitted to “StarHit” that it is ready to indulge in some pleasures to instead of visiting salons to be near relatives. Also she pays attention to her own Studio and cares about its prosperity. Inna Zhirkova: “my Salary does not give Jura”

“Old house to make wraps, baths. Salon is just no time. Dima and Milana at different times of the classes, plus Dan. But I did not bother. I like that Peter I all the time with her husband and children. Moscow always had worries about the Studio. Can’t say that I myself started, I just know that I feel comfortable, for example, make a hair mask at home, to paint the nails than spend two hours in the cabin,” shared the celebrity reflection.