Лариса Вербицкая избегает откровенных разговоров с наследницей Daughter of the star keeps a distance when dealing with her. Verbitskaya tries not to insist on convergence, but also criticizes her, knowing that she may react painfully to the comments.
Лариса Вербицкая избегает откровенных разговоров с наследницей

Presenter of the First channel Larisa Verbitskaya impresses the audience with his views of blooming and positive mood. According to celebrity, her life, everything is arranged harmoniously: she loves kids and husband, is engaged in a business that she loves and spends free time in nature or in travels. Within a few months, Larissa is actively using social networks, which shares photos from filming, and sometimes reveals the secrets of self-care.

“I have long resisted, but then gave up. Without them it is impossible to live even today It accelerates the ability to communicate and transfer information, pictures,” – said Verbitskaya.

Sometimes appear online pictures of Larissa with her daughter Inna. The girl graduated from one of the capital’s universities and working in the specialty of public relations. In his spare time, heir to the presenter prefers to ride. According to star, her child is crazy about horses and a very well kept saddle.

A few years ago, she badly reacted to criticism of mom. Because of one careless word Verbitskaya teenage girl exhausting diets and starvation. Gradually, the family relationships become more trusting, the heiress, however, never learned to open up during interviews with Larissa.

Daughter Larisa Verbitskaya admitted to bulimia

“We can speak, of course, on any topic, but this does not mean that very frankly. I highly dosed to give information. Only if Inna is ready to accept it. Especially do not make any comments. If and Express their opinions, then find a moment to spare, not to offend. Try to benefit from it was,” admitted Verbitskaya.

However, in their family after all is the person who is authorized to do all comments. It’s mom Larisa. She always openly expresses his point of view, not afraid to hurt anyone. An elderly woman tries to keep up with the times, therefore, develops social networks and the Internet. At 80 years old mother Verbitskaya leads an active lifestyle.

“This year she has mastered Skype, she reads news on the Internet, and its it is extremely. I’m glad, and now a lot of information to learn from his mother. She reads a lot, she has no equal in crossword puzzles. Mom surprises me with his encyclopedic this plan,” said Larissa in an interview with “TV Program”.