Inna Zhirkov is afraid to leave her husband one

Инна Жиркова боится оставлять мужа одного The wife of football player Yuri Zhirkov sacrifice for family. Despite the fact that all life Inna Zhirkov is concentrated in the capital, she followed the chosen one in Saint Petersburg. Star believes that he had nothing to do there alone.

      Инна Жиркова боится оставлять мужа одного

      Yuri and Inna Zhirkova together for more than nine years. During this time the couple played a gorgeous wedding and gave birth to three charming heirs. In September 2015 to 7-year-old and 5-year-old joined Milan little Daniel, who had a stronger hold the family together. It is noteworthy that around the same time, ina has launched his own business, a fashion company, making clothes. Her brand is very popular among many star beauties, among which Yulia Baranovskaya and Anastasia Zadorozhnaya. However, the fate of mothers of large families has been such that she had to leave Moscow, where her whole life.

      Inna went to St. Petersburg with her husband, a football player Yuri Zhirkov, who signed a contract with the club “Zenit”. The wife of the athlete followed him, although some successful wives of players prefer not to change anything, and only able to visit their husbands in other cities while they work out the terms of the contract.

      “Such an option we had not even considered! I believe that this is not normal. So as the kids are growing up without a dad? Yes, and that Jure one is there to do all day? He’s got training in the morning, and for lunch he always comes home, walks, playing with children, ” said Zhirkov. – I think any woman should follow her husband. No matter what he does, what his profession. For me it’s obvious”.

      It is interesting that even now Inna lives in the three cities. Last year she opened a karaoke club in Kaliningrad. Running a family business to the spouse of the football player help dad and brother. Herself she spends two days in St. Petersburg, then in Moscow. In recognition Zhirkov, she likes a pace of life that allows you to lie in bed until lunch.

      By the way, thanks to strong employment, Inna quickly came into shape after the third confinement. “Frankly, there is a fitness club, never made it, so tried with a stroller around the house more laps dimmed. Also helped me a lot wrap, cupping massage — doing it at home yourself, as time to visit salons, do not go, – says Zhirkov in an interview “”. – I have a young husband and want him to meet.”

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