Kovalev was trying to cure the ex-wife Panina from alcoholism

Ковалев пытался вылечить экс-супругу Панина от алкоголизма The singer announced that they supported Alexis, when he had a conflict with Yulia Yudintseva because of my daughter. Model drank and tore all the anger on the girl. Kovalev wanted to help the woman to overcome the addiction to drinking alcohol, but she refused.

      Ковалев пытался вылечить экс-супругу Панина от алкоголизма

      Russian artist Andrey Kovalev has supported his friend Andrey Panin in conflict with Yulia Yudintseva. According to star, the woman then “stolen” and taken to Petersburg beloved daughter of the actor NUS. For nearly two years Udintsev did not allow the girl to see his father. Kovalev has reported shocking details on how the baby lived.

      “The NUS only recently told me that all the time while you were at your mom’s, not even really in school did not go. All day watching TV. It there no one did. Mom drink and starts to scold Alex and his mother on what light is” – recalled the singer.

      According to Kovalev, Udintsev and her mother managed to even threaten him. Panina spouse abused alcohol, so she was forced to make a promise about what chyato she will refuse to drink. Take the NUS mom forever one was not originally planned. Andrew was willing to see his daughter on weekends.

      However, the first time the girl returned to Julia, she drank a lot of alcohol. Nyura realized that he didn’t want to chat with mom and tried to contact the father. After this incident in the winter of 2016, it was decided to carry the girl to the capital.

      Daughter of Alexei Panin refuses to live with mom

      Ковалев пытался вылечить экс-супругу Панина от алкоголизма“Alesha – atmophere good. My grandmother, his mother, adores her. And there is the atmosphere of hatred that the mother will drink and starts to abuse everyone. Is it possible? When the NUS went back to Moscow, wrote to her mother SMS. Asked to give her favorite kukulu. On what received the answer: “You are rich, buy some more!”, – said Kovalev.

      According to Andrey Kovalev, the NUS will not want to live with mom. Moreover, half a year, it by law will be able to choose with which parent to stay. “NUS goes to school, takes music lessons – for grandma she’s a light in the window” – said the singer.

      Says Kovalev, he repeatedly offered Udintseva to undergo treatment for alcohol dependence a psychiatrist and other specialists, but she refused to be treated. At the time serious problems with alcohol were from Panin, but a doctor friend of his friend helped him in the fight against addiction. At that time, the actor was going through a serious crisis after my divorce with wife Lyudmila, whom he unsuccessfully tries to return for two years.

      “She is his love, without which he cannot live. Thank God, otherwise it’s all good. Now Alesha has a job: touring, zarabatyvaet. I would like to have and large role in ICNA. He is a very talented actor, worthy of it,” said Kovalev in an interview with the magazine “Only star”.

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