Inna Malikova disappointed cellulite on thighs

Инна Маликова разочаровала целлюлитом на бедрах
Jeanne Epple has put “pig” friend.

Инна Маликова разочаровала целлюлитом на бедрах

Photo: @epple.ymnaya Instagram

Users of social networks can not understand: Jeanne Epple has recently shown extremely unfortunate the Inna Malikova on purpose or accidentally? In his microblog actress showed archival photos taken a few years ago. It, along with Jeanne posing Anfisa Chekhova and Inna Malikova.

The soloist of “New Gems” chosen for the picture pose that issued the imperfect thighs. Someone of the subscribers have dared to call this lack of loud the word “cellulite”. While it’s fair to clarify that this term implies a much more serious subcutaneous tissue. “And so it looks in our stars without photoshop”, “Inna, thank you would hardly say,” write Jeanne. She Malikov act of a friend has ignored.

The wife of Dmitry Malikov showed newborn son

Incidentally, not so long ago, Inna has become a second time aunt: her brother Dmytro and his wife Elena was born long-awaited son. About an important event in the family Malkovich became known thanks to the investigations of the press. The star of the spouse intended to hide the news until recently. However, after the leakage of information, Dmitry was nothing left but to show the fans of the son, and to disclose the details of his birth.