Spice Girls 24 years later: how has participating reunited group

Spice Girls 24 года спустя: как изменились участницы воссоединившейся группы
Became known, how many “sold out” Victoria Beckham.

Spice Girls 24 года спустя: как изменились участницы воссоединившейся группы

Victoria Beckham, Geri Halliwell, Emma Bunton, Melanie Brown, Melanie Chisholm

Photo: @victoriabeckham (Instagram Victoria Beckham)

Many fans of the Spice Girls, formed in 1994, still await the reunion of their idols. Although negotiations on new joint
the work was carried out for several years, only now they were crowned with success. Victoria Beckham, perhaps the most famous member of the group of girls officially
confirmed this news. She shared a new photo of all the “five”, signed:
“I love you, girls! I send you a thousand kisses!»

For the first time in six years all participants
the group managed to find the time and come together.

Since then, as the Spice Girls stopped
joint statement – and this happened in 2001, they appeared before
the public only twice. First — when I went in 2007 to tour and
secondly, when I performed a “medley” of their most successful songs at the opening ceremony
The Olympic games in 2012.

Fateful meeting where the girls
managed to negotiate the reunion was held at the house of one of the Peppercorns — Geri Horner (nee Halliwell).
However, as it turned out, although the girls managed to reach an agreement, the fans of the band
unlikely to see all five singing together on stage. As it became known,
Peppercorns have agreed to jointly record a new album of their most famous hits, participation
in a television musical talent competition and working on some shows in China. Moreover
not least, it is expected that each member will work within the framework of the reached
the agreement of £ 10 million.

Spice Girls 1998


Performances on stage in concerts have failed because this idea was Savonarola Victoria Beckham. She stated that she will work with the “Peppercorns” only on the condition that it will eliminate public performance of songs. As formal reasons for the refusal of Victoria has indicated its emergency employment management created her fashion Empire. However, as I suspect the detractors of Mrs Beckham, in fact, she was unable to forget and forgive his past wrongs. After all, Victoria complained once that in the days when she sang in the group, the girls often turned off her microphone… of Course, Peppercorns could sing four. But as noted by Melanie Chisholm, whom the fans nicknamed the once Mel C in the reduced part of the band would lose its “identity”. “We were together like the pieces of a mosaic: all were necessary in order to “picture” there!”said Melanie.