В омут с головой: о каких курортных романах звезды не могут забыть In Affairs of the heart Nyusha interfered element, and Ales Kafelnikov was the cause of the fall. Star shared with “StarHit” stories of their holiday novels, which I remember to this day.

      В омут с головой: о каких курортных романах звезды не могут забыть


      “To a happy marriage I have only had a couple of vacations where I, a young 17-year-old girl, flew in the company of his Director. In one of those trips we went to Cuba – had long wanted to visit this country: I have read the novels of Hemingway and imagined myself walking on narrow streets, I go to his favorite bar “El Floridita”. On arrival, naturally, we first went. Sat perfectly, freshened up the juices, went to walk around the town. Met a lot of fellow – apparently, it was the season. And here is one of them, a young tall brunette in a huge funny hat, decided to show themselves. Cipla mixed Spanish and Russian jokes, he offered to give us a tour of the sights – the pier, has lived here for five years, knows all, often leads the group. Since we are not in a hurry, agreed – especially the guy funny, even laugh and places a beautiful view.

      Glyuk’oza: “my Husband scandal, seeing me in someone else’s bathroom”

      The young man many things dorasskazat and showed a big part of successfully inventing: I then checked the facts, and at the end of the walk we were treated to ice cream, handed bouquets of flowers and predictably began to beg for a phone number. Then he got the heave-Ho. At that moment I just wanted to relax, not to sit on the phone answering message from a man who a week later in any case will forever be out of my life”.


      В омут с головой: о каких курортных романах звезды не могут забыть

      “A few years ago I was vacationing in Mexico. The first day came to the beach… and fell asleep under the umbrella. I woke up to find that my table by the sunbed someone something “quietly” puts, rattling the dishes. Open your eyes: a group of boys, unsuccessfully trying not to make noise, shifts on a tray with a fruit plate. Young people were French. Admitted that decided to make a surprise beautiful girl.

      We met, talked for the whole evening. The next day we agreed to have Breakfast and play beach volleyball. During the match I noticed that one of the guys especially eager to “save” me from the dangerous balls. In the evening, Tim asked her for a date. But due to rain it ended in failure: remember, as we ignominiously fled in the rain from under gone with the wind umbrella on the beach. More no see – I’ve been at sea only three days. And the phone number decided not to leave it”.

      Olga Seryabkina (SEREBRO)

      В омут с головой: о каких курортных романах звезды не могут забыть

      “Moving story happened to me at age 16 – it was probably the first and last time, when I’m with someone I met on the beach. So, one day I was approached by a cute kid about my age and started talking some absolute nonsense about the nature of questions interspersed with my name. Frankly, the first five minutes I wanted it just to sew, not to delve into this confused babble. Besides this, the hotel was no longer my peers, so I decided to give him a chance. So funny how we met.

      Group SEREBRO gave a hot photo shoot in Cyprus

      “Then we both rested with our parents sometimes had to escape from their company, to sit on the waterfront together. Could chat with him all day. It was a very sweet relationship. The time spent in a romantic atmosphere – walked, holding hands. In the evening he walked me to the room. A few minutes hesitated on the threshold, wishing sweet dreams and goodbye, barely touching, kissing her cheek. He was terribly embarrassed. And I liked it. Don’t like arrogant guys. My character is like that – she win”.

      In a relationship there should be harmony between pressure and comfort zone. Now, the boy that me and drew. Alas, our affair ended where it began, – through the week we went home. For me acquaintance on the beach when you’re standing in one swimsuit, in principle, unacceptable. Of course, the sea runs up to me dozens of men under the pretext to take a picture. Have them gently blow off, because I don’t like such Amateur pictures”.


      В омут с головой: о каких курортных романах звезды не могут забыть

      “Two years ago I decided to take a break from work and go aimlessly. I ran to the travel Agency, I bought the first available tickets to Thailand. I have long wanted to visit those places where they filmed the movie “the Beach” with Leonardo DiCaprio. Arriving at Phi Phi island and leaving the room at the bags, pulled on the shore. A few days later I was approached by a local boatman offering to take on the island in the middle of the Bay. It is with such enthusiasm described him, which I agreed. Upon arrival my companion suddenly jumped back into the canoes and pushed off. I panic, I started screaming, imagining himself with Robinson, when he heard a Russian voice behind him. It turned out that this unfortunate way with me tried to get to know one of the businessmen.

      “He specifically told grandfather of the boatman that took me on this “date”. Of course, at first I was angry, refused him even to speak. But half an hour later realized that nobody can save me. Along the way, drew attention to a table in the middle of the beach, decorated with fresh flowers and candles. The conversation went on. Boris was a pleasant man. Back at the hotel, we exchanged long messages. Following a few days spent together. He continued to hold surprises. Sometimes even regret that our relationship ended, his business and my tour proved to be incompatible”.


      В омут с головой: о каких курортных романах звезды не могут забыть

      “I am not against the holiday novels and related romantic adventures, I believe that they make our lives brighter. Men often try to meet me, but the most memorable story that happened seven years ago. I was vacationing in France in the resort of Saint-Tropez. Three days later, in my room there were roses, a huge bouquet. The next day new. My question is “From whom?”

      Anna Sedokova came to the party with new boyfriend

      the answer was: “Soon learn!” In the evening the restaurant the waiter handed the note: “I am tempted by your beauty”. The mysterious stranger was in no hurry to emerge from the shadows. Only the day before my departure I received a box with an invitation to a party on a yacht – and together with attached list of guests, among whom were several of my friends. Is this a coincidence? The man, who all this time paid attention to me, turned out to be the owner of the vessel. Admitted that he saw me on the beach a few days ago and have lost any sleep. I was surprised by his courtesy and concern… We spent a perfect romantic evening. But further communication I also did not feel”.

      Yulianna Karaulova

      В омут с головой: о каких курортных романах звезды не могут забыть

      “Once in Bali, I met and fell in love with a young man from France. He came to the island for work. Our meeting happened quite by accident – I went to freshen up in the cafe on the waterfront, and he, passing by the table, accidentally touched my beach bag. From the moment I thoroughly took the French long enough and assiduously taught him.

      Razehalis home – I was in Moscow, and he was in Marseille – we didn’t stop communicating: for a long time skyped with him. A couple of times crossed in other countries, but less than a year, it became clear that a long-distance relationship is a myth. Played a role, and the difference in mentality is a big challenge for the senses. So over time, our holiday romance has come to naught, but remained at heart a pleasant memory”.

      Ales Kafelnikov

      “One day, relaxing on the beach, I felt someone’s gaze. Looking up from the book, began to examine the surrounding and finally noticed the young foreigner. He stood nearby and smiled. Meet with me eyes, the young man tried to move from non-verbal contact to action. Friendly waving your hand at me and wink, he headed in my direction. And probably to greater effect, walked the edge of the pool.

      “It would be better, of course, he was looking at his feet! Because in just a few steps to the mountain-the stranger slipped and fell right into the water. Hardly constraining laughter, I flipped elegantly to the other side and continued reading.

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