Анастасия Денисова наслаждается медовым месяцем The actress spends time in the company of her husband. For relaxation, the couple chose Greece. Anastasia Denisova and Bogdan Osyka were married on may 17, but only now was able to go on a honeymoon.

      Анастасия Денисова наслаждается медовым месяцем

      Popular actress Anastasia Denisova may 17, married to his beloved Bogdan Osyka. The star of the series “Deffchonki” decided to have a double celebration and have set a wedding date on his birthday. But immediately after marriage, the lovers decided not to go on a honeymoon. Now the happy couple have arranged a honeymoon, where well spend time together. Now the actress and her partner can fully enjoy each other’s company, forgetting everyday worries. Anastasiya and Bogdan chose to stay Sunny Greece.

      Anastasia Denisova married

      “A little more strict with the plane, but soon, soon will face-cipusa! Husband wants to kill Wi-Fi and drown the phone! To night listen! But only until the evening!”, – wrote Denisova on arrival in Athens.

      Judging by the photos, the couple having a wonderful time together. They prefer passive recreation – often spend time on the beach and make the sea a romantic walk. Also with the Denisova happy to share with fans snapshots in a variety of swimwear, showing all the results of your weight loss. Even before the wedding she decided to get rid of excess weight. In order to look perfect, Anastasia dropped 15 pounds.

      “Wow, you’re so beautiful. What is smart”, “You’re so kind. Straight soul rejoices, looking at you. Have a good rest,” he wished many subscribers favorite actress.

      Анастасия Денисова наслаждается медовым месяцем

      Wedding for Anastasia and Bogdan has become a really important event in their lives. For the event lovers had been preparing for a month because the star of the series “Deffchonki” wanted it to be perfect. The bride looked at Denisova could not be better – for the important day in her life, she chose a modest, but very elegant dress that perfectly emphasized the figure of the actress.

      Once the couple has registered their relationship in the registry office Khoroshevskaya Moscow, young went on a walk around Moscow. Originally Anastasiya and Bogdan never planned to have a celebration on a Grand scale and invited many guests. But then they decided that to celebrate two important events in the life of the Denisova better in a big way. They picked a good restaurant, where he called his relatives, friends and colleagues.

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