Anna Semenovich said that bare no one will see it

Анна Семенович заявила, что голой ее никто не увидит

Former figure skater and former member of the band “Shiny” Anna Semenovich always attracted the attention of others. In particular, it was thanks to the outstanding body part of a celebrity – breast.

For S. its fame as a sex symbol, as, for example, Kim Kardashian in “the States”. But to follow the example of Western stars and be photographed Nude Anna did not allow himself before, nor now.

As recognized by the mayor, against Frank photo shoots she has nothing. On account of Anne shooting for several men’s magazines.

However, the star says: completely naked on the cover no one could see her. “Finally, so to speak, to the end, I had not undressed never,” says the singer. – Because I believe that in every woman even in the frame must remain a mystery”.

In an interview with reporters Anna also spoke about his food. S. admitted that she has a problematic body that perceives not all even diet meals: “I Have a very bad stomach, so eat quite poorly. Deny yourself in many ways. In sweet, for example. Don’t eat the vegetables, carbohydrates. I mostly prefer fish, meat and buckwheat”.


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