Fans shocked by the intimate photo of Miguel with a participant “Dancing”

Поклонники шокированы интимным фото Мигеля с участницей «Танцев» The choreographer along with his team spent the weekend in Cyprus, where the guys gave a concert. Miguel surprised the subscribers, laid out in the microblog candid shot with one of the girls from “Dance” is the extravagant Anastasia Viagra.

      Поклонники шокированы интимным фото Мигеля с участницей «Танцев»

      The guys who took part in the show “Dancing”, along with their mentor Miguel went to Cyprus. Mitya Stew, Nikita Orlov, Anastasia Vadra, Sofa and many others from the team were made by the choreographer in Limassol with a concert. Tourists vacationing on the Mediterranean coast, and the locals were impressed by such a professional show.

      Miguel condemned Yegor Druzhinin for walking out on the show “Dancing”

      In microblogging dancers appeared Sunny pictures with fans and on the background of picturesque views of Cyprus. But most of all fans of the “Dancing” was surprised by two shots Miguel. They choreograph hugs and kisses with extravagant contestant Anastasia Viagra. Such images provoked heated discussions among the subscribers page of Miguel.

      Поклонники шокированы интимным фото Мигеля с участницей «Танцев»

      On the first collage, which is called “We”, the couple lies on the beach. Fans thought that the choreographer is not happy that he was forced to be photographed in this position. Users of social networks believe that provocative images can be another joke of Miguel, because he has a unique sense of humor.

      The second collage demonstrates a passion the two dancers. Choreographer signed footage: “I Flew into NY. Miss. We”. “Suddenly”, “are They together?”, “They laid out, because I knew that would be such a reaction,” – noted fans of Miguel, since this is not the first case when the dancer is shocking Internet users.

      By the way, Anastasia Viagra already five years married. The dancer and her husband Dmitry has a daughter. Personal life Miguel hidden from prying eyes, nobody knows anything about his second half. Anastasia impressed the jury of “Dancing” in their appearance and flexibility. High dancer skillfully performed their room, when we recruited participants in the project, and from the first minutes captivated Miguel. According to Vadra, she received on the project experience, emotions and fame.

      Recall that recently ended third season of the show, the winner was Anton Panufnik. The young man managed to bypass the number of spectator votes of other professional dancers. For all time of participation in the project, he had collected immense love from fans and the respect of the jury. The guy won the title “Best of the best dancers of the country and three million rubles.

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