В новой кулинарной книге будут собраны вкусовые пристрастия киногероев Брэда Питта

Many celebrities who love to eat do not mind to stand at the stove for the sake of the ideal in appearance and taste meals, to share their experiences with fans. They are releasing a recipe book which is credited with your name and earn a lot of money.

A somewhat different idea recently visited the creative team of the publishing house Long Prawn.

Hollywood hunk brad pitt has inspired them to publish recipe books, where they will find food preferences of all actors of the actor.

“Cookbook Fat Brad is the most complete study of the on-screen tastes William Bradley pitt also known as brad pitt. Being a fan is partly fiction and partly by the study of films, Fat Brad meticulously reinterprets the best of the scenes where brad is eating. From Burger ocean’s Eleven” and questionable clam chowder Tyler in “Fight club” — not one plate was left without attention”, — stated in the message of the publisher.

It is interesting that the creation of such a book Long Prawn owe their observation. Once one of the authors FatBrad noticed that “divine body” heroes pitt on the screen is always dissonant with their addiction to fast food.