Федор Бондарчук и Паулина Андреева планируют пожениться в Испании The Director really wants to legalize the relationship with the beloved. After relaxing on the coast of the Mediterranean sea this summer Fedor Bondarchuk is so liked Spain, that he decided that this beautiful country should hold a ceremony of marriage with Pauline.

      Director Fedor Bondarchuk and his girlfriend Paulina Andreeva spent unforgettable holidays in Marbella this summer. This region of Spain so impressed the couple that they’re thinking about how to arrange a wedding there. A friend of the pair spoke to reporters and talked about how Theodore and Pauline are in love with each other, and about their plans for the near future.

      “Fedor is so in love that demonstrates his love unashamedly. Here we sat at a table under the open sky. Got a little chilly. And Fedor suddenly bent down in front of Paulina, undid her sandals, raised her foot, put it on his lap and began massaging her feet. Paulina smiled,” shared a source close to the couple.

      If you believe the friend of sweethearts, Paulina Andreeva lives together with her partner in dvukhurovnevykh apartment located in the center of Moscow. Public lovers try not to show passionate feelings, besides, they are working together on the set. Fedor Bondarchuk is following who he is talking to his girlfriend and does not allow other men to stare at her. Fyodor Bondarchuk fears office romances, Paulina Andreeva

      A friend of the Director said that the couple thinks about when to formalize the relationship. However, the young actress is in no hurry to change their marital status.

      “Fedor hurry favorite wedding – want to arrange a celebration in Spain. But the Pauline believes that no need to hurry. And children does not want, she is very focused on my career,” said the man.

      By the way, on vacation Bondarchuk decided to please his beloved. The Director bought the girl decoration cost about 4 million rubles. “It’s a necklace and a ring made of white gold, studded with diamonds. Said, “never before my neck was not adorned with such expensive necklace!” I asked, “what about hands?” She said that the finger she a fortune. It’s original, exclusive set, he was in the store in only one instance,” shared a friend of the pair with kp.ru.

      Recall that Fyodor Bondarchuk first came out with his bride at the closing ceremony of “Kinotavr-2016” in June of this year. The couple was very relaxed and not shy about hugging in public.