Группа Carla’s Dreams: «Некоторые из нас уже воспитывают детей» “StarHit” talked with the performers of the hit Sub Pielea Mea. The hallmark of the team is that all members of the group perform with painted faces, and dark glasses and a hoodie. Fans don’t even know the names and exact number of participants, Carla’s Dreams.

      Группа Carla’s Dreams: «Некоторые из нас уже воспитывают детей»

      Song of the Moldovan band Carla’s Dreams Sub Pielea Mea became a hit this summer. Song and clip for several weeks kept in the top of various charts. But the participants try to stay away from the public eye at the concerts they perform with painted faces, sunglasses and tense on the forehead of the hood. In the Network there is no information about the personal life of the participants and even their names. “StarHit” met with the lead singer of the musical group, to learn more about the group, which so thoroughly encloses itself from the public.

      Why did you decide to hide your face?
      Группа Carla’s Dreams: «Некоторые из нас уже воспитывают детей»So it turned out. Initially, we were an Internet draft and did not want publicity, performing on stage, giving concerts, did not try to talk to the press. There was only the Network interviews in the format of question-answer. When there was the need to give the first concert, we had a problem – how can we not draw attention to myself, because I didn’t want to have the status of a secular person. This option was the best solution.—
      Maybe someone was inspired by it for this appearance?
      Группа Carla’s Dreams: «Некоторые из нас уже воспитывают детей»No, we have no strategy. I thought about the masks, but in them uncomfortable to sing technically. Tried to use latex to change cheekbones, chins, but it is expensive and inconvenient. So paint is the fastest way to hide faces. These figures mean nothing, and each time they are different. —
      Are not you afraid that someone might take advantage of the fact that nobody knows what to say on your behalf? In this case do?
      Группа Carla’s Dreams: «Некоторые из нас уже воспитывают детей»We have an official page where we write all that people need to know. And if someone will impersonate us to care. We can’t knock on every door and explain everything. And spreading false information is not such a rare phenomenon even with those whom they know in person. So the risk is always there.

      Certainly, fans trying to hunt you down and release. What take to remain anonymous?
      Группа Carla’s Dreams: «Некоторые из нас уже воспитывают детей»Everything is decided by logistics. There are two hotels, a rented apartment, where they make makeup. All the ins-outs thought out and not obvious. Now in Russia in General the risks are minimal, we don’t know yet. If I was in Romania, it would be of interest.—
      Assuming that you declassify, what will you do?
      Группа Carla’s Dreams: «Некоторые из нас уже воспитывают детей»Of course, it is possible that it could happen. We thought about it, we even have some ideas that could be taken. But we’re not going to talk about it, what is it then plan “B”? —
      I plan in the future to reveal their identity?
      Группа Carla’s Dreams: «Некоторые из нас уже воспитывают детей»Incognito we have been working for more than four years, released four albums. But not yet committed itself to declassify. I hope for understanding Russian public and representatives of mass media. We just feel so comfortable to work with. In Romania and Moldova tried to spread rumours about us and to talk about who is under the mask Carla’s Dreams. Most surprising for us was the fact that the public is boycotting the news. They say they do not want to know about it. I hope it will be exactly the same. At least we try to. I understand that those who strongly wanted, everybody knows. This is problematic, of course, but in principle, feasible.

      Not afraid that fans will not believe your songs due to the fact that you don’t know what’s going on in your life?
      Группа Carla’s Dreams: «Некоторые из нас уже воспитывают детей»We never said what we sing, however. There are songs, the plots of which are taken completely out of our lives, there are fictional. Something happens with our friends, and we take these stories as a basis. Moreover, we sing a lot. If we had clearly expressed position on some segment of life, then that would be important. —
      Of your personal life are allowed to know fans?
      Группа Carla’s Dreams: «Некоторые из нас уже воспитывают детей»I will say this: someone brings up children, someone’s family. The average age of our musicians in the area for 25 years.

      How many of you people in the team and as a group – you are all friends?
      Группа Carla’s Dreams: «Некоторые из нас уже воспитывают детей»How many of us people in the group not tell. It all started in January 2012. We were not going to be a band. Long winter evenings wrote the music, lyrics, recorded songs, and released into the Internet. Was this position: like – listen, don’t listen. Somehow it grew and progressed over time. The changes began at the end of 2015. Did upgrade. We have no limits. Already recorded about 40 songs. There are songs in Russian. We like to write in Russian here it is possible to build different abstract units. This does not mean that other languages are poorer, they have a different beauty and it is impossible to compare. —
      For example, if someone from the band would leave the group, they will have the opportunity to talk about what they were singing at Carla’s Dreams or is it also banned?
      Группа Carla’s Dreams: «Некоторые из нас уже воспитывают детей»It is impossible to say. It is the appropriate punishment. We have signed a serious confidentiality agreement.—
      You had originally created as a commercial project. When everything changed?
      Группа Carla’s Dreams: «Некоторые из нас уже воспитывают детей»Everything changed gradually, but the first concert in Chisinau was already in commercial activities – the tickets were sold. Went ahead to release songs gradually grew. Recorded a duet with Romanian singer Inna. After that began to gain popularity in Romania. So it all began. We don’t know how everything will happen. Music as a sphere of activity is very dynamic, there is a huge competition. We understand that it is necessary to work constantly. —
      How did you choose the band name?
      Группа Carla’s Dreams: «Некоторые из нас уже воспитывают детей»I will not say whether it was the girl Carl or not. But in one of the novels of John Le Carre was the character of Charles. This spy, which was known just two or three parts. The characteristics of this character are fully suited to us.

      As your family, relatives are what you hide from all your faces?
      Of course, there’s parental pride. They may wish to speak than we do. But if I’m comfortable, so we decided, then, all so convenient. We’re not hurting anybody.