Jasmine is suing the owner over 62 million rubles

Жасмин судится с предпринимателем из-за 62 миллионов рублей

Recently, the singer Jasmine had to endure a rather unpleasant situation – the husband of the actress was arrested on suspicion of suspicion in fraud in especially large size and money laundering.

Now, the actress was involved in a strange story. A businessman named Paul Horbach filed on Jasmine court. The petition said that the man requires of the artist 62 million, accusing it of “illegal enrichment.” The amount of 20 million rubles, according to Gorbachev, he turned Jasmine as a fee to the concerts that she had to give in Germany, but the performances never took place.

According to the clauses of the contract which allegedly was signed by the parties, in case Jasmine cancels concerts, she will need to return the entire amount with interest.

Surprising is the fact that the defendant, which in this case is Jasmine, started court proceedings was not informed. Plus, the singer says that he first heard about the entrepreneur Gorbachev from the press when he accused her of misappropriation of other people’s money: “that to me are suing for 62 million rubles, I learned from the Internet and immediately realized that it was a misunderstanding, ” says Jasmine. — Neither I nor my lawyers about it knew nothing. And the man who sued me in court, Paul E. Gorbachev, I am absolutely not familiar, and so contracts with him I did not sign. My lawyer Ruslan Jagudin sent a request to the court to review the case. He gained access to the materials through which it becomes clear that this case has all the hallmarks of fraud.”

At the moment lawyers Jasmine filed a counter-suit with the requirement to provide all documents which show that the cooperation agreement was signed with the Jasmine and not tampered with by third parties: “a private entrepreneur Gorbachev supposedly “gave” my ward 20 million rubles in cash for the concerts in Germany, — said the lawyer of the actress. — Moreover, the agreement for untimely return of the money she has to pay incredible interest rates. And it turned out the sum of 60 million. But, neither with her nor with its Director, even no talks about the tour in Germany was not. Besides, it is strange that a company of a certain Gorbach works in construction. How are they related to the organization of concerts, especially abroad, is unclear. The court referred only copies of documents, but even it can be seen that this signature is not Jasmine. So if need be, we’ll get a handwriting expert and no problems will prove it. Now we are preparing a counter-suit and the statement in law enforcement bodies”.