В Музее Москвы проходит выставка фоторепортажей

At the exhibition you can get acquainted with the works of winners of the international contest for young journalists to them. Andrew Stenina.

Staging personnel if you prefer a good reportage photography, the exhibition at the Museum of Moscow that is necessary for the cultural program for the coming weekend. In the framework of the exhibition here are the winners of a unique international contest for young journalists to them. Andrew Stenina. First of all, you can see the cycle of emotional and vivid imagery of the Italian Danilo Garcia Di MEO called “Letitia, the history of invisible lives”, won the Grand Prix competition. The main heroine of photo stories was a girl, who suffers from cerebral palsy, but the focus of attention of the author are her fears and suffering, and minutes everyday happiness. “A kind heart and delicate taste of a photographer helps to reveal the beauty and power of this young woman,” commented the decision of the jury member, photo editor of GEO magazine Ruth Achorn.

Besides Danilo Garcia Di MEO the exhibition presents photographs perspective and also awarded in the competition of photographers from around the world. For example, the Russian photographer Dmitry Tkachuk was awarded by the jury for a series of photos about the life of the herders camp in the far North, Vadim Bradow has created a chronicle of Donbass, a Slovak journalist Robert Tapert for a new look at the difficult question of migrants in Europe. There is no doubt that the exposition in the Museum of Moscow will make you rethink many aspects of modern life and, of course, will not leave indifferent.