Джуд Лоу стесняется своей красоты

British actor Jude law has a reputation in Hollywood as one of the most charismatic and charming bachelors.

The result is undoubtedly more attractive than the vast majority, but the Jude because of this, often complex.

Lo believes that not because of, but contrary to his cute looks he became popular: “I am always baffled talk about the fact that my cute appearance could prevent me to make a career out of that outer shell that no one can see acting. After all, if I agree to discuss this question, you automatically admit that I am supposedly an incredibly handsome man. Although, watching their earlier films, I can not admit in 20 years I was very even nothing.”

By the way, during your growing up because of the cute faces lo often suffered from his classmates-brutal: “”Your career does not define a beautiful person, your choice, – said the actor. – In the childhood I was terrified of large classmates. They were huge and cool and I was a tiny blond who dreams of becoming an actor. I flew over these dreams.”