In the media discussing the pregnancy of the bride of Prince Harry

В СМИ обсуждают беременность невесты принца Гарри Foreign editions appeared the information that the heir to the British throne is preparing to become a father. According to the journalists, which is why Meghan Markle and Harry began to hurry with the wedding. Young people themselves have not responded to the speculation of the public.
В СМИ обсуждают беременность невесты принца Гарри

According to rumors, Prince Harry is preparing for her wedding with the beloved, star of the TV series “suits” Meghan Markle. Young people no longer hide his affair and started appearing together in public. Fans of couples think they’re perfect for each other.

Recently in the media there was speculation about the reasons why Harry and Megan decided to move up the wedding, which could take place next year. Insiders claim that the lovers are preparing for the emergence of a common child. So the Prince also decided to hasten to acquaint the grandmother with the beloved.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have a date for the wedding

“They say that Megan is already on her third month of pregnancy,” shared foreign journalists.

Representatives Meghan Markle and Royal families prefer not to clarify the speculation of the public. Correspondents believe that scandal can not be avoided. It is unlikely that Elizabeth II will approvingly refers to information about that the actress was pregnant before the wedding.

However, insiders claim that the grandmother Harry liked his fiancee. According to some reports, the meeting of Elizabeth II and Meghan Markle held recently – at the end of October. According to sources from the environment lovers, the Queen spoke with the actress over tea. While the representative of the Royal family were very friendly and courteous.

Anyway, the wedding of Megan and Harry, presumably, will take place in the summer of 2018. Friends of the Prince claim that he is not going to make a large-scale ceremony and invite a large number of guests and journalists.

“Splendor and spectacle is the last thing he would want. I know he wants to get married in St George’s chapel at Windsor castle. This ceremony will not turn into a media circus and give a sense of privacy, which Harry so badly wants”, – told reporters, flanked by the heir to the British throne.

Meghan Markle is trying to pay the second half of my free time. They say that the artist decided to leave famous for her TV series “Force majeure”. The seventh season of the television project about the lawyers will be the last for Megan. After Markle will suspend his acting career and become part of the Royal family, she plans to focus on people and collaboration with UNICEF, say the insiders.

If the data is of an interesting position the sweetheart of Prince Harry are true, the Royal family will find a series of joyful events. Recall that Kate Middleton, wife of William, is planning to have another baby in April 2018. As during previous pregnancies, Duchess of Cambridge suffers from severe morning sickness. Pregnant Kate Middleton appeared in public after a disturbing message