Ksenia Borodina and Kurban Omarov left Russia

Ксения Бородина и Курбан Омаров покинули Россию A few days ago TV presenter with her husband Eid Omarov flew to the United States. Pair and shares his experience with fans about the journey to new York. Lovers visit the most famous places of the city.

Ksenia Borodina with her husband Kurban Omarov travels to new York. The husband of TV presenter to share with the fans in the Network staff family trips. Lovers have visited several iconic places in the city.

“New York day one. Carrie where are you?” – signed movie Kurban.

First Xenia and Eid went to the places the American TV series “sex and the city”. Borodin admitted that for many years, is a fan of Sarah Jessica Parker. According to the presenter, every girl from Russia wanted to be like one of the heroines of the film.

In anticipation of Halloween, all of new York decorated with colorful pumpkins.

“Russo turisto oblico morale”, – has signed a frame lobster.

Lovers also searched in the city home of the famous spider-man. Happy Eid especially abroad, because of the famous spouse, there is almost no one knows and asks to be photographed.

“Indeed new York can be called the concrete jungle. We already go down this street and these skyscrapers as trees. How they built them you can see in the TV series “Men who built America” – shared Eid with fans.

The husband of TV presenter has grown a mustache of unusual, despite the dissatisfaction of some users of the Network itself lobsters seem genuinely proud of them.

“The laureate award of the year “the Most popular mustache in Russia” mustache broke the best barbel of the country,” said Eid followers.