In the life of Irena Ponaroshku appeared blond-surfer

В жизни Ирены Понарошку появился блондин-серфингист
Leading shared his impressions from a holiday in California.

Irena Ponaroshku son Seraphim

Photo: Instagram

Irena Ponaroshku said that her son Serafim
surfing. Leading now resting with his family in America,
near Los Angeles in Santa Monica.

“Once long ago, before children, and Chia seeds,
my friend was on one of the ocean’s surf spot… — says Irena. Without
guys, liabilities and bras… it was very cool, we brought
gigabytes of useless photos of the bushes and dogs, I got rid of them on a computer and remember
a folder named “Ocean Avgustovich Surfing”. We were even not averse to the
the trip to hook up with someone from the salty blonde with boards, but I don’t
we have had their beer parties completely killed our libido Turgenev…
15 years and here again in my life Ocean Avgustovich Surfing! And I still
appeared the blond guy with the Board! And do not drink beer, and smells delicious!”

Star in all enjoyed the stay and
the only thing that spoils the mood is that she’s a little
recovered. “Swimsuit with ruffle arm was raised to throw, says
star. — Ruffles are not only create the illusion of a chest, but also cleverly mimic
the lack of belly! I still +3 kg to its usual weight.
And if suddenly will appear in the ribbon, my photo mixed bathing, know, it
fasten and photoshop! Well, or unwashed plums from the farmer’s market…”