Ирина Горбачева поборола давнюю фобию
The actress for the first time, picked up the snake.

Ирина Горбачева поборола давнюю фобию

Irina Gorbacheva

Photo: Instagram Irina Gorbacheva

Irina Gorbacheva

Photo: Vyacheslav Prokofyev / TASS

Fear of snakes is one of the most common phobias. There
even a special term for this condition — herpetophobia. Irina Gorbacheva
it is recognized that you couldn’t even bear to look at pictures of snakes. It
was one of her main fears.

But 29-year-old actress was able to overcome this phobia. Irina
for the first time picked up the snake. However, it was not a poisonous Cobra or Viper, but harmless
boa, any offer for photo shoots on the beaches. But still, the first step
done! “Boas are very calm and affectionate, like dogs,” Gorbachev admitted.

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By the way, on the set of the Comedy “I lose weight” Irina was able to overcome
another fear that is in the top phobias — claustrophobia. Actress
was inside the balloon, which was filled with air and placed in the pool. Gorbachev
in my example proves that any fear can be overcome, only having met
with him face to face.