В Ленинградской области создан новый проект развития централизованных систем водоснабжения

The development of the project of development of the centralized water supply systems in Leningrad region, was completed in may 2106. This scheme provided the company “NPO Aching”, which tried to satisfy the needs of the population to clean water.

In 2016 for the month of may was a fully organized group that will deal with issues regarding water supply in the Leningrad region. The project has been created by the regional government and will be financed from the budget of the Federation and the region. Part of this organization it was decided to introduce industry specialists of the Department of transport and municipal economy and representatives of the departmental profile. The convener and representative of the NPO, Aching” became Oleg Treskunov V. — he is Chairman of the Board of Directors engaged in this activity. More detailed information on the proposals can be found on the website http://akvainzh.ru/.

What is the essence of the scheme?

The project carries out its work according to the decree of the end of 2015. It implies a redistribution of duties between chapters Council of the Leningrad region and other authorities of nearby settlements. The main joint water utility was formed in 2016-th year. In the next couple of years it is planned to connect to the organization those districts of the Leningrad oblast that have not yet entered in the overall composition.

The Governor Alexander Drozdenko during the meeting it was reported that confidence in the usefulness of the project. It happened on 8 June 2016 year, and expected result as follows: the inhabitants of the Leningrad region, which will be connected to the new water utility will be able to get clean drinking water far more high quality that will greatly enhance the quality of life of people.

Updated water supply plan will allow you to use water resources more efficiently. This step will allow to improve ecological situation in all areas of the Gulf of Finland and lake Ladoga in the Leningrad region. Balancing the system and ensuring its comprehensiveness will help the project experts. Because the government have already appreciated the prospects of the company, the creators of the scheme, the leaders of NPO, Aching” gave it all the necessary powers.

Project benefits are undeniable

Developed a large-scale project will improve the management of water and will help to solve all arising issues related to the needs of citizens and their awareness. New course in innovation and technological development will give the inhabitants of Leningrad region even better product everyday.