В инциденте с портретом Олега Табакова нашли виновных
The image of the master was forbidden to carry into the stadium in Kazan.

Oleg Tabakov

A football match in Kazan turned into a grandiose scandal, which was caused by the portrait of Oleg Tabakov. What is the relationship between football and the people’s artist? The master was an ardent fan of “Spartak”. He was rooting for the “meat” of his entire adult life and was often on the matches of your favourite club. When March 12, Oleg Pavlovich was not, the fans decided to honor the memory of the artist in an unusual way. Fans of the printed banner with the image of apostles, which was to be stretched in the stands as a sign of respect to the idol of millions.

However, the guards to carry the image on the match “Rubin” – “Spartak” was not given. Banner fans, despite receiving permission to carry on the stadium could not. Fans of Oleg Pavlovich held that such police conduct is an insult. A little later, the Director for safety RFPL Alexander meytin justified actions of law enforcement.

“I want to apologize to the fans and all those whom my mistake could have been hurt. In fact, the banner, dedicated to Tabakov, who was going to post fans of “Spartacus” in the match with “ruby”, was agreed with the Premier League. It was not allowed on the podium MES workers due to the lack of a fire certificate. It was a legal requirement dictated by the rules of conduct of spectators at official sports competitions”, — quotes Matina Sports.ru.