Лариса Удовиченко не узнала беременную Алику Смехову
49-year-old actress shared her story of life.

Alika Smekhova and Larisa Udovichenko

Photo: @alika_smekhova (Instagram Aliki Laughter)

As it turned out, not only the audience, problems arise in identification of the disguised stars in the film. Artists themselves sometimes can’t recognize each other on the set. On the days fun experiences shared Alika Smekhova, who told us about how not recognized to a colleague on the TV show “Heavy sand” my friend Larisa Udovichenko.

The story of two star-girlfriend even after many years remember with a smile. “When we were shooting with Larissa Udovichenko in the series “Heavy sand” in the scene where our heroes were in age, we each other did not recognize. I still also was pregnant with a second son and even that is over the age makeup no one noticed, not even my best friend and a great actress Larisa Udovichenko. Now, when we meet, we always remember the joke and enjoy each other”, — said Smekhova.

Now the younger son Aliki — Makar for ten years. He is studying in the fourth grade. But the eldest heir to the actress last year graduated, and with honors. As told Smekhova, he would not pursue an acting dynasty. The eldest son Aliki chose a profession not associated with the stage. He is studying at the Russian economic University named after Plekhanov. Not so long ago Smekhova told about how to cope with raising two sons. “Never thought I’d be a single mother, says Alika. But for ten years I raise my boys. Of course, this is hard, first and foremost, emotionally, physically. So many decisions we must make and actions to perform…. One for all and all is not enough, but what wonderful boys I have!”