In the fifth episode of “Game of thrones” was played by the actress from Moscow

В пятой серии «Игры престолов» сыграла актриса из Москвы

33-year-old Anya, Buckstein became a new character in the series – a red priestess of the Kinvara.

The full title of Kinvara sounds like “the high priestess R Glora, the Lord of Light from Volantis”, and in the book “a Song of ice and fire” this role no. More precisely, there is, but takes her man – the high priest R, Glora Navarro.

But fans of the series don’t seem upset, seeing in the frame is another beauty. Yes, and probably with Russian roots…

Anya, Bukstein, who played the priestess of the Kinvara, was born in Moscow, but in childhood together with his parents immigrated to Israel. She studied acting at the school of art Thelma Yalin” in giv’atayim.

The first film role she received in 1994 in the film “the New country”. And for her, it was awarded the prize of “Ophir”, which is popular in Israel. Now the actress had another three films, as well as several advertising contracts.

Bukstein, married to an Israeli developer Dotan Weiner. But man, judging by social networks beginning star, not okay with her posting pictures of in underwear and a swimsuit. So there is every chance that in the “Game of thrones” will we see Anna in a sex scene.

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