Полиция сделала поблажку двухлетнему принцу Джорджу
The son of the Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William talked with the representatives of the law.

Полиция сделала поблажку двухлетнему принцу Джорджу

Prince George

Photo: @kensingtonroyal (Kensington Palace Instagram)

Looks like a two-year
Prince George will become a racer when she grows up. The son of the Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William are just crazy high-speed vehicles. And he was quite happy the other day when he was
the chance to “ride” on a real police motorcycle!

It all started with the fact that
Kate Middleton along with her two children went to see the Princess
Anna to the helipad, which is located on the territory adjacent to
Kensington Palace. And on the way back, her son noticed parked nearby
police motorcycle. And then Prince George so unbearably wanted to sit on
unusual “bike” that he flatly refused to go any further. Kate no more
remained but to persuade standing next to representatives of the law allow
her son “ride” on their official transport. The common man in such request,
of course, it would be denied, but not the future wife of the king

Police not only allowed a two year old to climb on the bike, but, carefully holding George
behind his back, began to explain in detail the boy responsible for what the switches on the
handlebars. This scene, which attracted crowd of onlookers, happened right outside the gates of Kensington
Palace and lasted quite a long time. Kate stood in
few meters away from the motorcycle in the shade, hiding from the bright sun stroller, in which sat the Princess Charlotte.

By the way, Kate and
William has repeatedly said in interviews that George just loves all types of transport. Favorite toy of the little Prince machines. He also can spend hours
to sit in this car by studying his device. By the way, some time ago the boy had inherited a copy of the car of James bond, where in childhood traveled
Prince William.

Prince George,Kate Middleton,Prince William and Princess Charlotte

Photo: @kensingtonroyal (Kensington Palace Instagram)

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