In the family actress scandal

В семье Запашных разгорелся скандал
The widow of Mstislava zapashnogo sued the neighbor.

Mstislav zapashnye and Irina


The scandal erupted between the two neighbors, a famous tamer Irina Zapashny and another circus artist Yana Shevchenko.

In March this year, workers broke a wall in the kitchen Irina Nikolaevna. Shevchenko said that allegedly covered with a wrapped many years ago, illegally took her part of the area of her apartment!

As reported by “MK” at the time of the house apartment Shevchenko was 384,52 square meters (two apartments combined), but now only 301,1 square meters. She explained that covered with a wrapped sooner entered the apartment and were able to move the ill-fated wall.

Irina, in turn, has filed a lawsuit against the daughter, Yana Shevchenko, designer Anastasia Shevchenko, who is the owner of a huge apartment. The court sided with the widow zapashnogo and ruled that the defendant 1,244 million roubles for a material damage and 10 thousand roubles — for moral.

As for the “stolen” meters, in this case understood the lawyer Irina Nikolaevna ISA Medzhidov. He explained that in 2007, the tamer and the old landlady Shevchenko also made alterations to their homes. And part of the neighbour’s apartment really was owned Zapashny. All plans and acts proving the consent of the parties to it, was granted by the court.

Reduced apartment became the property of the Shevchenko already in a modified form, so by law they have the right on these 301,1 square meters.

“The court satisfied the claim because they once again gave the false documents, — said Shevchenko in an interview to “MK”. — She gave nothing and are not passed”.

In addition, the neighbor is going to sue Zapasnoy and for fraud.