Serena Williams and her husband spent a week in Paradise

Серена Уильямс и ее супруг провели неделю в раю
Honeymoon Suite was a success!

Serena Williams with her husband


36-year-old Serena Williams, who this month became the first married woman,
dwells in the seventh heaven from happiness. “We spent a week in Paradise!!!” — so
tennis player briefly describe your honeymoon.

About where it, at the end of their
wedding celebrations, which lasted two
the day went on the couple became known only now. As it turned out,
escaping from the guests on the second day of the celebration, they went to the airport where
they were taken to the Bahamas, more precisely to the island of Kamalame Cay.
This resort is exclusive and you can only get here by helicopter
or plane.

For their honeymoon, the couple
rented Villa “Magnolia” is located practically on the ocean. This
Villa can satisfy the tastes of the most discerning guests. It can
boasts a six-meter ceiling height, a huge living room and terrace
area of 140 square meters. In addition, there are 4 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms
rooms. Guests here are treated to delicious dishes, arrange the sea
cruises to view breathtaking sunsets, picnics on
private beach and give lessons for those wishing to scuba dive. However, to afford all this luxury can
not all. After one night of stay here is not less than 5 thousand
$ …

However, Serena and her
spouse-millionaire Alexis Ohanian can afford it. It is clear that
on the wedding costs, they too save is not necessary. Recall: Serena and Alexis
became husband and wife November 16. A ceremony was held in new
Orleans, the center of Contemporary arts. As previously reported,
the bridesmaid was the bride’s sister, Venus Williams. Regarding the list
wedding guests, here gathered a lot of celebrities. Moreover, as from the world
show business — beyoncé, Kim Kardashian, Eva Longoria with her husband Jose Baston and sports stars — tennis player
Caroline Wozniacki with fiance basketball player David Lee.