В центре Петербурга ограблен и избит известный художник Nikolay Kopeikin was attacked more than a dozen people. According to the artist, unknown persons beat aiming in the head. The man’s face has numerous abrasions and contusions.

      В центре Петербурга ограблен и избит известный художник

      Thousands of fans of Nikolai Kopeikin were shocked by the photo, which appeared today in social network “Facebook”. The picture shows the famous painter tries to smile, but his face was all bruises and bruises. In addition, the artist broke his nose.

      Photos after the attack on Nikolai Kopeikin was published by his friend. The man said that unhappiness with Nicholas occurred the day before early in the morning. Kopeikin was in the heart of Saint Petersburg, at the Duma street. From the club nearby was a group of people and began to beat him. In addition, the artist stole valuables and a large sum of money.

      “Between the pea and the Duma 15-20 people from the bar, early in the morning attacked Kopeikin and beat”, – wrote in “Facebook” a friend of Nicholas.

      As it became known “StarHit”, at this point in the attack the police are checking. Solves a question on excitation of criminal case. There is a high probability that criminals will be found and punished, because it took place on a crowded street in the city centre.

      In the meantime, the fans of Nicholas has to keep his idol a kind word. “Before the wedding live”, “nick, get well soon! But even with that face you’re a handsome man”, “Kopeikin, hold on! Teeth a rest to heal. And in the Duma, don’t go” – written by fans of the artist on his page in the social network.

      We will remind, Nikolay Kopeikin works in the style of multreality. The artist himself created this direction in art. Nicholas had more than 60 solo exhibitions in Russia and abroad. In addition, Kopeikin is one of the members of the group “NOM”.

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