В Большом театре показали самую мистическую русскую оперу
The Director of the Vakhtangov theatre Rimas Tuminas put “Queen of spades” on the main music stage of the country.

В Большом театре показали самую мистическую русскую оперу

in the large
the theatre held a closed press screening of Tchaikovsky’s “Queen of spades”. For
the last 15 years, the masterpiece of Peter Ilyin Tchaikovsky’s music on the main
stage set three times and each time with outstanding Directors dramatic
theatres’. First Valery Fokin, Lev Dodin then. Now her version of the tragic
love Herman and Lisa showed the artistic Director of the Vakhtangov theatre Rimas Tuminas. He
worked on the Queen of spades with the same team of authors, with whom two years have put
in a Big Shostakovich’s Opera “Katerina Ismailova”: set designer Adomas Jacovskis, artist
costume designer Maria Danilova, choreographer Angelica Cholina.

В Большом театре показали самую мистическую русскую оперу

Rimas Tuminas at the pre-premiere of the Opera “Queen of spades” at the Bolshoi theatre

this brilliant Opera based on Pushkin’s story was written by the brother of modest Tchaikovsky.
By the way, Tuminas very highly of this literary work and considers that
libretto by modest Ilyich, unlike almost all other Opera libretto,
you can put it in drama theatres as a play! Moreover, the original music for
the Opera was supposed to be composing not Tchaikovsky, and the composer District. But he essay
music is not brought to an end. And the libretto began working Pyotr Tchaikovsky, who
this time went to Florence. The composer was so fascinated by this story that sometimes it
the brother of the librettist does not have time for him. And Pyotr Ilyich had to write
some of the text. In particular, the words of the popular Yelets. In the end, the Opera was
written in record time –for 44 days. Now the Queen of spades, perhaps,
the most popular Russian Opera in the West. It is often put in a Large one. More than half a century,
since 1944, it was staged by Leonid Baratov.

Lyudmila Maksakova among the guests of the press showing

participants in the premiere of “the Queen” in Big it is possible to allocate known in
the world tenor Yusif Eyvazov (spouse of Anna Netrebko). On the previews it
skill was appreciated not only by the press, but the star of the Vakhtangov theatre actress Ludmila Maksakova. More than twenty years ago, she also played the Queen of spades — drama
the scene, staged by Peter Fomenko (Ludmila Vasilievna was the role of the Countess).