Принц Гарри пострадал во время визита в Шотландию
The perpetrator of the incident have gone unpunished.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle


Official visit to Scotland with Prince Harry and his bride Meghan Markle, wedding scheduled for may of this year,
was marked by an amusing incident. It all started with the fact that Harry and Megan arrived in Edinburgh, where he was solemnly
met, as required by the Protocol, the Royal Scottish regiment.

Among greeted the Prince and his chosen bride was not only
guards, but also assigned to the regiment Shetland pony named Cruachan. Harry and Megan came to the emotion of charming
animal’s. And 33-year-old Prince could not resist, not to Pat a pony in the face, that was a mistake. This animal did not like, and as
only the hand of the grandson of Queen Elizabeth touched his muzzle, Cruachan made a lightning lunge and
his teeth in the hand of Harry. But Harry, who was first withdrew his hand, he made every effort not to show that I was scared. He touched the muzzle of the shrew pony again and he nipped him again… Interestingly, Megan, standing beside her
favorite, instead of to sympathize with the victim, laughed…

By the way, the pony, which affected
Harry, not for the first time seen in the attacks on persons of Royal
bloods’. This same “rebel” that during last year’s visit of the Queen to Scotland, “bit” bouquet, which was holding Elizabeth. And
then another, and reached for the flowers adorning her hat. However, the Queen then don’t
too got angry, and pony has not been punished. And, apparently, in vain. After all, if he
given to understand that the guests have to behave delicately, Harry could not