In relationship Chueva and Africanoboi interfered with a woman

В отношения Чуева и Африкантовой вмешалась женщина The stars of “House-2” planned love triangle. Andrey Chuev hired as his Secretary, Alexander Kharitonov. A girl who is also a member of telestroke, does not hide sympathies to the groom by Marina Africanoboi.

      В отношения Чуева и Африкантовой вмешалась женщина

      Andrey Chuev and Marina Afrikantov for several months intrigue fans of the show “Dom-2”. The couple intends to start a family, however, apply to the Registrar of the beloved not in a hurry. The fact that Andrew, until recently, was married to the mother of his child. In fact, he is already with her longer lives, but the paperwork took a lot of time. Now, when it seemed that the marriage of star telestroke nothing prevents, there is a new threat to the relationships of the couples.

      This week Chuev was invited to place his assistant, one of the participants “Houses-2”, Alexander Kharitonov. The girl gladly agreed, wrote on his page in Instagram. “Today, Andrey Chuev has suggested me to become a Secretary in his construction company. The proposal was accepted, and now begins the work routine. My supervisor gave me my first assignment: to prepare a presentation of the residential complex, which in the near future we will start to build” – shared the girl.

      Needless to say, that many viewers of the reality show were skeptical of the new appointment Kharitonova. After all, the party of telestroke does not hide his sympathy to Chuev, who is going to marry Africanoboi.

      One of the pages of “House-2” in the social network quotes the words of the Alexandra, which support the assumption of skeptics that it can become a home wrecker. “I became a Secretary of Andrew Chuyev in his construction company, and already all the guys we attribute to the novel, thinking that if we work together, we will have a lot of joint trips and visits in which something can curl. Guys have inflated that we can be of further relationships, after all, he divorced his wife, and in a relationship with Marina had not so good. I know that he impressed, and it is pleasant to me, and as a partner, and as a companion. About a love relationship I don’t think, although this option is ruled out is not worth it, because you never know what will happen tomorrow,” said the girl.

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