Anna Sedokova broke up with your loved ones?

Анна Седокова рассталась с любимым? Fans intrigued by the sad singer’s publications and no joint photos with the chosen one. At the end of last year, Anna Sedokova and Sergey Guman had reunited after a breakup that lasted six months. Now fans are worried about what is happening in the personal life of the artist.

      Анна Седокова рассталась с любимым?

      At the end of last year popular singer Anna Sedokova pleased fans the fact that the newly reunited with his former lover, choreographer Sergei Humana. Winter vacation lovers spent together as a family in Mexico. The artist regularly exhibited a joint photography and showed others that in her personal life all is well. But now fans are worried for novel Sedokova and Humana. The fact that nearly a month, the singer puts a joint photo with her lover, and her publication is rather often accompanied by ambiguous signatures.

      “When we talk to each other – dream bigger, we still do not dare to much. We think it’s not up to us, not by size. That I’m not worthy of it. He’s too sure of himself. But if to get personal, there is a saying – the man always gets the woman he desired more. I would rephrase. Luck and happiness always go with those who they need more,” wrote Sedokova.

      The fans were very excited about what is happening in the personal life of the singer. “They broke up again?”, “Here is the news! So many questions, but I think you all then we will explain. Hope all is well,” wrote the loyal fans, concerned about the unfortunate publications of the former soloist of “VIA gra”.

      Анна Седокова рассталась с любимым?

      However, Sedokova did not disclose my soul to the fans and says exactly what is happening in her relationship with the dancer. Recently Anna has published a rather ambiguous reflections. “I never knew that sometimes, in order to obtain, you just need to wait. Time plays with you. And if you know that you are together, just need a little patience and a lot of exposure. Let’s see what will happen next,” – shared his thoughts of the artist.

      Anna Sedokova shared an intimate video with her lover

      Even before the resumption of relations Anna Sedokova told me that she was difficult to live in separation from the beloved. She admitted that it is difficult to cope with the pain that came after the breakup.

      “He was a part of me, and now this part as if with a scalpel cut off from me. Seems that live without this body part, and the like can live, like without arms or legs, but you constantly miss her – phantom pain”, – told “StarHit” artist.
      Анна Седокова рассталась с любимым?

      Sedokova admitted that many thought that the error occurred when they broke up with Sergei. Anna even admitted that he did not want to live because of the suffering and emptiness in the soul. The singer felt that the choreographer remains for her family and loved one.

      Anna Sedokova about parting with your beloved: “I like cut off a body part”

      But after a while Anna realized that can’t let it go and so I decided to take matters into their own hands. She wrote a message to Sergey. After that they reconnected, and since then, the couple never parted.

      Anna and Sergey began a new phase in the relationship. The singer proudly showed others the ideal relationship that has developed at Sergey the most important people in her life – daughters Monica and Alina. The artist even decided to start a family reality show “Compasseco”. She posted a short video with part children and loved one in a specially created for this account.

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