«В мою кровь подмешали чужую ДНК»: Карина Мишулина разоблачила предполагаемого брата Karina Mishulina intends to continue to fight with Timur Yeremeyev. In a recent interview the actress said that the actor tampered with DNA results to continue to impersonate her cousin.
«В мою кровь подмешали чужую ДНК»: Карина Мишулина разоблачила предполагаемого брата

Epic family Michelini continues for many months. It would seem that the scandal between Karina and her putative brother Timur Yeremeyev was supposed to be over on New year’s eve. Then the main characters of this story got the results of the DNA test, ostanovivchemsa their relationship.

Fans were elated, and Karina attended performances of Timur, creating the illusion of normal relations with the alleged brother. And so six months passed, and the war between the two sides did not think to subside.

In a recent interview Mishulina said she is ready to fight for the honor of the family until the end. She supposedly has documents proving deceit of the administration.

“He had plastic surgery to be similar in appearance to my father. This is a long and planned action. And we found out that my blood mixed male DNA. The Carlson suit, there was no DNA evidence, and in the end they spiked my blood of others, to supposedly make me his sister. We have evidence, a document with 12 sheets,” said Karina.
«В мою кровь подмешали чужую ДНК»: Карина Мишулина разоблачила предполагаемого брата

According to the actress, initially for two months refused to take part in a variety show. All this time, Karina, along with the lawyers understand the situation. In the end, the daughter of Spartaka Mishulina allegedly failed to establish that her alleged brother is a charlatan. When the same actress appeared in the Studio “Let them talk”, people just don’t believe her.

“For him really are serious people, who have purposed to make him a star. They would have done it with or without us. Just be removed the program with one Yeremeyev without my participation. You know, all people are arranged differently. Someone can suffer when he is throw mud, but I’m not. For me, the memory of his father is Holy. He can’t defend himself, so in his memory I fight. I think, next month this hell will end,” concluded Mishulina.

Scandalous situation with the alleged brother almost cost the actress career. At least, she credits her employers repeatedly threatened, so some of them refused to cooperate with it. Now the situation is normalized, and heiress of Spartaka Mishulina can be played both in movies and in theatre.

Karina Mishulina: “it seems that Timur – some kind of sadist. We live in hell, these two months”

Timur Eremeev on the charge of sisters trying not to answer. The actor has said repeatedly that wants to deal with the situation and forget about it. According to the alleged son Spartaka Mishulina, no doubt his relationship with Karina no, but possible sister ready to make any sacrifice, if only to prove the opposite.

Karina Mishulina stopped the war with his brother