In Moscow said goodbye to Mikhail Derzhavin

В Москве простились с Михаилом Державиным January 15 theater of Satire, where the famous he served nearly half a century, the artist followed to the let. Many fans and colleagues of Mikhail Derzhavin laid flowers at his coffin and shared memories about him.
В Москве простились с Михаилом Державиным

10 Jan died 81-year-old people’s artist of Russia Mikhail Derzhavin. On Monday at the Metropolitan theatre of Satire has passed civil funeral of the famous actor and TV presenter. Mikhail Mikhailovich said goodbye to numerous friends, fans and colleagues. To star in the latest journey came about a hundred people. Among them were Konstantin Ernst, Vladimir Andreev, Natalia Selezneva, Vladimir Vinokur, Klara Novikova, Naina Yeltsin, Andrei Malakhov, Igor zolotovitski, Vera Alentova, mark Rozovsky, Vera Vasilyeva, Alexander Gusman, Leonid Yarmolnik, Alexander Shirvindt, Aleksandr Bastrykin, and many others.

At the farewell ceremony with Derzhavin played my favorite classical music. Wishing to carry out the artist’s last journey approached the coffin, which led to the red carpet, and laid flowers. During the service voiced condolences to the family of Derzhavin from Vladimir Putin, Sergei Sobyanin, Sergei Shoigu, Patriarch Kirill and the General Director “Mosfilm” Karen Shakhnazarov.

“We have lost not just a colleague and artist. We lost our friend and a wonderful person, our Firefly. We’ve been orphaned,” said the actress of theatre of Satire Alyona Yakovleva, who led the ceremony.

Friends and colleagues of Mikhail Mikhailovich spoke of him as a talented and intelligent man, who had a surprisingly gentle nature. Many went on stage, thanked the wife of the Derzhavin Roxanne Babayan. She sat next to the grave of spouse in mourning clothes.

“Mikhail Mikhailovich was associated with the tradition of Gogol, a Russian classic – a little eccentric, soft, intelligent. He looked like a victim of fate – the star theatre, cinema. But it wasn’t. On the stage of the theater of Satire worked great actors, and to be their partner difficult. He was so excited, when paired with Andrei Mironov played in the play “goodbye, master”… Sorry, Mike, if that is not so,” said Mikhail Shvydkoi.

Alexander Shirvindt, Derzhavin’s close friend, admitted that he had never had a conflict with a friend. “72 cloudless pure friendship, cooperation and assistance. We have never fought. If we get a medal for this friendship, I brought it to you. See you soon, beloved!” – noted artist.

The head of the Department of culture of Moscow Alexander Kibovsky thought Derzhavin optimistic person even in hard times, Satire Theater set up others in a positive way. “There was not a man that he said bad, and no one who would say bad about it. These purity, sincerity, openness and attracted people to him,” said the official.

After the memorial service ended, the car with the coffin Derzhavin went to Novodevichy cemetery, where are buried the father of the artist. The Satire theatre has prepared a bus on which everyone could follow close of Mikhail.

В Москве простились с Михаилом Державиным

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