Zarubina outraged by the cruelty Shepeleva towards her

Зарубина возмущена жестокостью Шепелева по отношению к ней The artist cannot depart from shock after “actually”. The former wife of Alexander Malinin Olga Zarubina unhappy that, in its opinion, Dmitry Shepelev was aggressive during the filming.
Зарубина возмущена жестокостью Шепелева по отношению к ней

At the end of last year ex-wife of singer Alexander Malinin Olga Zarubina often flashed on television – she was the heroine of a popular talk show. Not bypassed and the program Dmitry Shepelev, which helps viewers get to the truth through a lie detector and experienced experts. During the recording of the singer noticed that the presenter behaved towards her rather biased. She did not understand what it caused him negative emotions. The daughter of Malinin and Zarubina tried to commit suicide

“Shepelev all the time is attacking me. I even my fans recently said, “He’s like a Sheepdog, without end rushes at you!” So. Although I never in my life bad he didn’t do. Never crossed and anything bad did not speak about it. His position is very aggressive: I actually couldn’t get him to say!” – outraged Olga.
Зарубина возмущена жестокостью Шепелева по отношению к ней

During that edition of the program revealed that the daughter Zarubina and Alexander Malinin Kira once even tried to commit suicide. The famous father was not engaged in her education from childhood, took care of her mother’s second husband Vladimir Evdokimov. Meeting with mother father of the girl took place only in 2011, when she was 24 years old. Cyrus later admitted that this meeting was a turning point for her – she was disappointed that Alexander did not seek to establish a relationship with her. It seemed so strong a blow that the girl kept to himself. The former wife of Alexander Malinin’s accusing him of his daughter’s disappearance

Зарубина возмущена жестокостью Шепелева по отношению к ней

Zarubin also furious that her sister is literally dumped on her care of 91-year-old mother. The woman lived some time in USA, but always wanted to return to Russia. She recently suffered a serious injury. Olga told the publication “the Source” that now she will have to hire a nurse.

Зарубина возмущена жестокостью Шепелева по отношению к ней“After the show, where my relatives were trying to sling mud, they link will not come out. In all that time never even called my grandmother that was thrown at me and left. They even’t said goodbye to her. Mom lives at my house. Unfortunately, now she is not feeling well. The other day sat on the edge of a chair and fell. Broke her hip and stopped walking, lying in bed. I’m really worried about it,” admitted Zarubina.

By the way, this is not the first case when Olga Zarubina unhappy with the way it is treated during the programme. Olga Zarubina has complained of a nervous breakdown after filming “Fashion sentence”

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