In Moscow beat Dynamo player Andrei Eschenko

В Москве избили игрока «Динамо» Андрея Ещенко Today several media reported that the footballer suffered in the very center of Moscow. According to journalists, attacked him and caused injury. It is also reported that arrived on the scene, law enforcement officers took Andrei Eschenko to the police station. At the moment the police finds out incident details. Representatives of the “Dynamo” deny the fact of beating of the player.

      В Москве избили игрока «Динамо» Андрея Ещенко

      Sunday in the heart of the capital was beaten football player Andrey Eshchenko defender of the Moscow “Dynamo”. The incident occurred on the area of Nikitsky gate, located at the intersection of Boulevard ring and Bolshaya Nikitskaya street.

      According to media reports, the athlete was familiar with his hit men. The conflict between Eschenko and his opponents occurred when they were driving a Range Rover. The dispute continued outside the interior of the car. The conflicting parties came out of the cars and started to sort things out on the street. Men beat Andrei Eschenko and sat back in the car, leaving the injured player.

      The press service of “Dinamo” denies the information that Andrei Yeshchenko beat. According to them, football is at home and feels fine.

      We will remind that on the eve of “Dynamo” lost to “Zenith” with the account 0:3. As a result of this Moscow football club took the 15th place in standings of the championship of Russia on football. In addition, for the first time for all history of existence of the club “Dynamo” came out of the Premier League.

      In a statement on its official website goalkeeper Vladimir Gabulov said that he was very sorry for what happened. According to players, all players of “Dynamo” fought to the last to win and change the situation in their favor. However, this did not happen. “It is unfortunate that in the end it happened. We all fought to the end and tried to reverse the situation. Unfortunately, we did not succeed. Maybe we were destined is over. Or resolved,” said Gabulov.

      By the way, Vladimir also shared with fans stating that he leaves “Dynamo” and expressed his gratitude to the fans and other players on the team. “Yes, something happened, something no, but I can confidently say that I always gave himself 100% to the team, 100% of the game,” said the footballer.

      At the moment the details of the incident are unknown, as is whether the incident is associated with the release of football club “Dynamo”from the top division. Over their clarification of the working law enforcement officers. According to the information Andrei Eschenko taken to the police station.

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