Elena Kuletskaya showed the room of a newborn daughter

Елена Кулецкая показала комнату новорожденной дочки Baby lives in a pink-and-white Kingdom. Model Elena Kuletskaya, a week ago I first became a mom, along with her husband have created for their little heiress to the conditions that are the envy of real princesses. Nick is growing into a stunning beauty and harmony.

      Елена Кулецкая показала комнату новорожденной дочки

      Famous model Elena Kuletskaya a week ago gave her husband Stanislav Romanovsky firstborn – daughter of nick.

      Happy father to discharge Elena and the baby from the hospital prepared a room in which will be the first months of his life with his beloved wife and heiress. Young mother was delighted with what he saw and immediately decided to share the joy with the followers of a microblog, posting photos of children’s apartments. The interior space is dominated by white and quartz colors. Added to them as decor lamp pink color, pink peonies and balloons created a sense of celebration and novelty. “Here we were in pink and white Kingdom,” wrote Elena Kuletskaya under the photo. – Home resident sleeps in a cozy cradle.

      The young parents have created for their heiress to the conditions that are the envy of Princess. Little nick is growing into a stunning beauty and harmony, which, however, does not prevent her to behave like girls her age. Nick quickly made it clear to mom and dad that she will decide, will they sleep at night or not. “But the night is already giving rock concerts, – said Elena Kuletskaya about the behavior of his daughter. – Accompanied by my mother’s cradle turns out eclectic Duo”.

      We will remind, Elena Kuletskaya first became a mother in the night of 15 may. The girl was born healthy. Baby at birth weighed 3.85 kilograms, her height is 55 inches. The happy parents named her daughter Nike. The doctors of the clinical hospital “Lapino” did everything to birth from well-known models have been no problems, so just three days after the baby born, the happy mother with her daughter were able to go home. By the way, initially Kuletskaya was determined to give birth abroad, but then decided that the house is much better and trust Metropolitan professionals, which is not regretted and promised that a second baby will only give birth in Moscow.

      It is worth noting that pregnancy Elena kuletskoy proceeded without any complications. All the waiting expectant mother of the baby was quite active, traveled a lot, doing short flights, participated in photo shoots and fashion shows and appeared in a talk show on television.

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