In Hong Kong will sell a rare blue diamond

В Гонконге продадут редчайший голубой бриллиант

Estimated value of the stone is 30-35 million.

The auctioneers rarely manages to get stones of this size. 10,10 CT! Yes, and a unique blue color. Such even in nature is rare. According to the head of the Asian Department of Sotheby’s, the diamond that they got, exceptional.

“Blue diamonds are extremely rare. This one has a unique color. In addition, rarely seen such decoration in an oval shape. And believe me, it is now showing a lot of interest,” said auction organizer quick Shin yo.

The diamond was found in one of the mines of South Africa. Now he is considered one of the 11 most valuable stones of London jewellery house De Beers. On 5 April it put up for auction in Hong Kong. The organizers hope to earn at least 30-35 million.

Not the most expensive price for similar stones. For example, in November last year at an auction in Switzerland sold a diamond “Blue moon” for $48,4 million in 2010 at Sotheby’s “Rose Graph” was auctioned for $46 million.

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