В Сети обсуждают вторую беременность Кристины Асмус Fans congratulate the actress with the imminent addition. Presumably, Christina Asmus is preparing once again to become a mother. The reason for the suspicion became a wardrobe change artist. The wife of Garik Kharlamov went at things in a boxy cut.
В Сети обсуждают вторую беременность Кристины Асмус

Kristina Asmus and Garik Kharlamov – one of the brightest pairs of domestic show-business. He is the resident of Comedy Club, a successful comedian, she’s the star of the mega series “Interns” and the leading actress of the theater named Yermolova.

Celebrity met when he was still married, and their love story was actively discussed in the media. But since then the hype around artists subsided. In 2014, Christina gave birth to her daughter Anastasia.

And now, as I suspect, the fans, the star is again in an interesting position. This conclusion was made by fans who closely follow their favorite artist. Internet users have noticed that Christina has adjusted closet – refused much tight stuff in favor shirts and dresses with a boxy fit.

“Pregnant?” “Why such a wide shirt?!” “Christine, you are gorgeous, good luck to you all!” write the artist of the Internet users.
В Сети обсуждают вторую беременность Кристины Асмус

Neither Asmus nor Kharlamov on rumors, gossip and issues in the Network does not respond. The couple the General rule, as little as possible to comment on personal life. Although sharing photos and public declarations of love to each other, Christina and Garik afford regularly. So, recently, in mid-April, she said 30th anniversary. Garik touching congratulated the wife on the Network.

“Today is the birthday of my soul mate (in fact more), my home of saprogenic, the most beautiful girl on earth, best mother, a wonderful actress of theatre and cinema, novice Director, a promising singer, a brilliant physicist, the world’s best stylist, the absolute champion at all sports, artist, historian, hunter, engineer, mathematicians, geologist, Ministry, the discoverer of the land, caretaker of the series, the buyer of the clothes, the magician, refocuses and simply the best woman according to all the bulldogs of the universe, Kristina Asmus. Baby, time has no power over you. We love you very much! Your husband Igor and daughter Nastya,” wrote Kharlamov birthday Asmus.

The actress celebrated her jubilee in the company of friends and colleagues, separately post a photo with the pregnant Anna Khilkevich. This picture also became fans of “sign”. In addition, Kristina told his followers that now they with Garik house is being renovated. Fans believe that the couple set up a new nursery.